Slagwerkgroep UNA - Percussion In Concert: The Battle


Theatre De Hofnar
Theater De Hofnar
De Hofnar 10
5554 DA Valkenswaard
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You can hear the marching troops coming in the distance. The sound of wood on iron.
The percussionists are going to war in a decisive battle against the enemy. A skin for a skin, a drum for a drum. Will the conflict be resolved or will the group’s existence be jeopardized? It promises to be an evening full of percussive violence, but with a sensitive note here and there. On our side are the never-ending allies of the PIC Project Choir and PIC Wood Ensemble. Under the leadership of Commander-in-Chief Bart Wernaart, Slagwerkgroep UNA will present PIC: The Battle.


  • Friday the 2nd of june 2023 at 20:15Tickets
  • Saturday the 3rd of june 2023 at 20:15Tickets


  • €14.00