Theatre De Hofnar

Theatre De Hofnar presents a quality program as wide as possible in the field of professional art and amateur art for a large audience in Valkenswaard and the region. Besides theatre you can go to the Hofnar for the latest movies. 

De Hofnar is a place for everyone. You meet people there who surprise you, who do unlikely things in your eyes, but also your best friends, opposite neighbors and acquaintances from the sports club. Our visitors can enjoy a bite to eat and a drink in our theatre café before a performance. An evening of good laughter, being moved by passionate actors or singing along with your favorite music, you can experience it all again live in Theatre De Hofnar.

Movie theatre
Since 2020 De Hofnar is a movie theatre! In the past year we have started a collaboration with Natlab in Eindhoven. The film programmer of Natlab is partly responsible for requesting a part of our film offerings. This allows us to often show films at the same time as the major cinemas. Besides the major titles De Hofnar also continues to show family films for children.