Taste the Burgundian life

People from Brabant are known as Burgundians. And Valkenswaardians are no exception when it comes to appreciating good food and drink. Several pubs are located on the Markt and the Statie and the town’s many outdoor cafés are warm and welcoming places. In addition to a number of eateries, Valkenswaard also boasts a rich selection of restaurants. And there are many more places to go for a bite or a drink in Dommelen, Borkel en Schaft and the surrounding area.

Burgundian bliss
't Oude Wandelpark

Best weekly market of Brabant

Every Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. the weekly market descends on Valkenswaard, with as many as 75 stalls. It is a most amicable weekly market that also draws many Belgian visitors.

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Carolus Museum Quarter

One of the main attractions for culture buffs surely is the historic Carolus Building. This building houses a number of cultural institutions, including two very interesting museums: the Dutch Lithography Museum and the Falconry and Cigar Museum.

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Discover nature's finest spots

Valkenswaard is surrounded by unique and gorgeous nature reserves, including De Malpie, De Groote Heide and De Plateaux-Hageven, with plenty of opportunities to relax or actively recreate.

Take to the paths of a vast nature area
Wandelen Valkenswaard


There is always something going on in Valkenswaard!

There are many annual events. From an ice skating rink, the Hemelse Sferen Fair and equestrian activities to the Ameezing Lekker Buiten and Break the Week Kids events, and from the biannual Scarecrow Festival to the famous Flower Parade. There simply is too much to mention!

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Bloemencorso Valkenswaard


Valkenswaard has three beautiful mills:
The Venbergse Water Mill, with a mill house that serves as a café-restaurant.
National monument the Dommelse Water Mill with charming mill store.
And the St. Antonius Abbot Mill in Borkel en Schaft that offers guided tours, and in summer is the site of the Mill Markets.

Cycling route along the mills
Watermolen Valkenswaard

Shopping in Valkenswaard

In Valkenswaard you can shop to your heart's content. The town centre has 165 shops spread out over several shopping centres, partly covered and car-free, where branches of store chains alternate with unique boutiques. Another excellent place to scratch that shopping itch is ‘shopping heart’ De Belleman in Dommelen.

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Active experiences

Being active while enjoying nature: Valkenswaard has options!

Nice and active
Kano Valkenswaard Dommel

Achelse Kluis

The Achelse Kluis Saint Benedict Abbey is home to a small community of monks who brew Achel trappist beers in the on-site brewery. The site also has a brasserie and abbey store and is surrounded by beautiful nature with various hiking and cycling routes.

Hike around the Achelse Kluis
Achelse Kluis

Monuments, arts & culture

The overwhelming nature surrounding Valkenswaard and its rich cultural history are a great source of inspiration for creative minds. Culture buffs can get their fill in Valkenswaard. 

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