Arts & culture

The overwhelming nature surrounding Valkenswaard and its rich cultural history are a great source of inspiration for creative minds. Within the municipal boundaries of Valkenswaard you can find Art with a capital A. Changing exhibitions are on display at De Kunstkeuken and in various public spaces and sculpture gardens. Beautiful works of art are scattered throughout the town centres and during the Open Studio Route artists open up their workspaces to visitors.

The Valkenswaard Museum Quarter welcomes culture buffs to immerse themselves in the guild room of the St. Nicolaas Guild, the Dutch Lithography Museum and the Falconry and Cigar Museum. 
And on the edge of town, near the De Malpie nature reserve, there is the Valkenswaard Carriage Museum.

Throughout the year De Hofnar Theatre offers a wide range of performances, including music, song, dance, theatre and comedy, with well-known names from the entertainment world. But also local artists and up-and-coming talent from the region regularly take to the stage of De Hofnar.